Friday, 18 January 2013


Hey to all the bloggers out there and welcome to my very first blog! I'm so excited.

So I'm currently trying to make the transition from salon stylist to hair and make-up artist for photography/film/catwalk.
This blog will contain examples of my looks and what projects I'm currently working on.
I will also review products I'm trying out and keep up-to-date with on trend fashions and how to build them into your every day routine.

Briefly the make-up I'm currently trying out is simple and natural. At this time of the year cold weather and central heating can play havoc with your hair and skin. Make sure you have a moisturiser in your daily skin routine, (even if you have oily skin) bb creams are great for the winter time. They contain moisturiser, spf and great coverage. I'm totally in love with the Dior bb cream but if your on a budget maybelline is a good dupe. Keep lips hydrated with balm, vaseline and my secret mum ingredient blistex.

As for my hair the less heat the better. Lots of treatments and a good argen oil. Moroccan oil is my all time favourite and you can't beat joico for treatments! However for an even quicker and cheaper result make sure your combing that conditioner through...yes every time.

More info and pictures coming soon. Keep an eye out!

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