Monday, 28 January 2013

Review on Benefits 'Fine One One'

Hey blogger,

Today I decided to do a review on ‘Benefits’ newest blush product, ‘Fine One One’.
‘Fine One One’ was officially launched in the UK today, however I have been lucky enough to have it in my possession for the past week.  I have been using this everyday, so I can give a full report to tell my fellow bloggers whether or not this pretty little stick is worth having in your makeup bag.

As soon as you look at this product it grabs you. The rose gold packaging is so glamorous and I love pulling it out in front of my girlfriends. The rotating push up stick also makes ‘Fine One One’ convenient to keep neatly in your handbag, making it a great product for travel.
This product would really suit all skin tones, from the pale porcelain to the darkest beauty. This is due to the fantastic colour pay off. You can layer it for a brighter look or blend it for a smooth, natural, healthy glow.  It’s so easy to apply and blend; a monkey can do it, making it perfect for a daughter’s first blusher.
I love that I had this product whilst braving all the snow and cold weather because I found ‘Fine One One’ highly moisturising. The texture is incredibly creamy which really saved my poor skin this week.

Although I have combination skin, in the winter it gets really dried out and although ‘Fine One One’ was my saviour this week I must confess that this product may not suit the oily skin types. In fact I tested this theory on a friend and it literally slide right off when blending.
Benefit has advertised ‘Fine One One’ as an ‘all in one’ product for highlighting, bronzing, blush and lips. I found this was not the case. Using it as a highlighter and bronzer could leave you with a very pink face and as for using it on your lips, it is a nice balm texture but does not last very long. It also is incredibly unforgiving to cracked lips.
Although this is not an issue at this time of the year I feel I must mention that because of the creamy texture it will melt quickly under heat.  So if you take this product travelling over seas you could quickly be £23.50 out of pocket.

When all is said and done Benefits ‘Fine One One’ would look fabulous on all skin tones, however is more suitable for those with dryer skin tendencies. Although at this moment I love this product I will probably only purchase it in the winter season.

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