Thursday, 21 March 2013

Step by step of 'The Uglies'

1. Moisturise
Always moisturise at least 20 minutes before applying make-up.

2. Foundation

Although stage lights dilute colour drastically i opted for a different approach with the uglies and used a natural pale foundation as my base. It covered everything and made the other brighter colours stand alone from the face giving the look a very crisp clean effect.

3. Loose powder

Loose powder is used to keep the make-up firmly on the face. Men sweat a lot. Bright hot lights and running around in a dress= more sweat. More is more with this product.

4. Blue eyeshadow

I mainly used face paints on the boys as they were easier to build and work with. I painted a line above the lid of the eye and wing it out at the edge. Pull the product through the blow line and about 1 cm above it. Then connect the line to the winged edge and fill in the space layering the product to get a bolder sharper colour. Don't be tempted to go higher as there are more steps to the eyes and wigs can come down low on to a forehead.

5. White highlight lines
From the newly created brow line uses white face paint to shape a thin line from brow down to corner of the eye. Then shape another from under the eye to connect at the pointed wing. Don't go to close under the eye as it will cause irritation and smudge.

It might be worth mentioning at this point that I took influence of the Japanese hyme gura to create a truly large doll-like eye that is visible to an audience sitting far away.

6. Black brow and eyeliner

Follow the white lines above and below and connect. Create large lashes either side.

7. Red cheeks

Simply ask your gent to smile like the joker and using red face paint circle the apples of their cheeks, (yes this technique adds age but they are victims of comedy, therefore it's allowed.)

8. Heart shaped pucker up lips

Use concealer to blank out the outer edges of the lips. Using a lip liner shape the lips into a heart. Go right above the lip line and below onto the chin. Then fill in with the brightest reddest most horrible lip stick you can get your hands on.

9. Beauty Spot!

Using either a black eye pencil or face paint draw on your beauty spot in your chosen place. I made mine heart shaped because I'm girly but remember make it large, more like a huge hairy wort because the audience at the back want to see it too.

10. Keep that make-up on
From a distance lightly spray the face with hair spray... I mean LIGHTLY. This will ensure less smudges through costume changes.

11. Finishing touches i.e. eyelashes and wigs

Apply eyelashes as instruction from last blog and place wig on his head being careful not to smudge the make-up. Don't forget to took in any loose hairs!

And Show Time!

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