Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Sound Of Music

 Hey fellow Bbloggers,

Sorry to all, I have not been keeping up to date with my blog.  There is a very simple reason for all this. My life is spiralling into worlds of future success. I'm being pulled all over the country and hopefully it will all be revealed soon. For the time being I am able to catch you all up on my latest projects.

I have recently completed a full seven day week doing twelve hours shifts at the salon and theatre. The musical 'The Sound Of Music' the place 'Repton school theatre in Derby' the company 'Ashbeian Musical Theatre Group'.

What a performance it was! The set was outstanding and the quality of singing was nothing short of professional. Again the lovely director I worked for, had thrown me in at the deep end. With double casted children, microphones that had to be concealed in the hair and little ones that didn't know their mascara from their blusher brush.

As always I thrived on the challenge and set to work. Tech rehearsal was like a who's who of hair and make-up. I needed to explain the research and process to the clients, tell the children why they had to have pretty plaits instead of mohicans and adjust any little mistakes such as, too bold a lipstick shade or not dark enough foundation.

Dress rehearsal ran slightly smoother. After collecting feedback from the director and other partners in the company I was able to iron out timings of clients and perfect hair extensions ready for opening night.

The next few blogs will contain the details on hair and make-up and hopefully give you guys some tips along the way. Take note that my photos have not  been edited this time so your getting the raw reality of the theatre.  Follow me and find out more.

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