Monday, 24 June 2013

Mac Lipsticks Viva Glam Nicki and Vegas Volt Review

 Recently I purchased my very first pair of Mac lipsticks!! I know, where I have been! After my makeup challenged sister told me she had brought one before me I thought to myself, ‘I’m seriously letting the side down.’ When choosing my lipsticks I thought I’d be daring and go for two ultra bright shades. (As a naturals girl I thought I’d branch out.) I can tell you now I’ve never looked back! I’m fully converted to a naked eye, bright lip gal; this will be evident if you follow my instagram account Each lipstick cost £14.00 from mac but you can also purchase them online at

The first shade Viva Glam Nicki in the finish Satin is from a newer collaboration collection with Nicki Minaj (I know…her style is a bit out there even for me.) but I have to say I love this shade.  This neon pink colour would be amazing on holiday.  It complements a tan, is highly moisturising and has long wear abilities. WARNING this shade is not for a wallflower prepare for stare!

The second shade I went for was a super orange coral Vegas Volt in the finish Amplified from the permanent colour range. I first tried on Costa Sheek in Frost, which my sister brought but decided that the Frost finish was not moisturising enough for my dry, dry lips and if I’m going bright lets really go bright. This true orange coral (as apposed to a pink coral) is perfect for summer and even though I have not used it as much as Viva Glam Nicki I feel it will come into it’s own when the novelty of a bright pink lip wears off.

Both lipsticks really have staying power even when eating, however I find the Amplified finish does go slightly cloggy if I have not prepared my lips correctly where as with a Satin finish I’m good to go. This may not happen to everyone but my lips are always super dry and often chapped. If you suffer from dry lips like me, make sure before you start your makeup to dowse you lips in balm so it has time to sink in and your lipstick will not only go on easier but last a lot longer. This shades are super bright and I wouldn’t recommend them if you want to fade into the crowd. However if you want to be bright and bold this summer these lipsticks are beautiful and I will be repurchasing them. 

Sleek Palettes Review

 I have just discovered the Sleek palette collections and I simply can’t get enough of them! I am intending to order them in literally EVERY colour. For the price it would be rude not too.

The pigmentation is bright, the staying power lasts all day if the skin is prepared properly and packaging is perfect for travel and that essential ‘All my products in one place’ issue. All this for drugstore prices I’m actually in love. I have not yet tried the cream products in sleek however, I have not tried cream products in many brands for the simple reason I prefer powder. I intend to venture further into cream products but for now… I NEED MORE SLEEK PALETTES.

Eye shadow palettes retail at £7.99 at time of publishing

Trio Blusher Palettes retail at £9.99 at time of publishing

You can find these products in your local Superdrug or online at

If anyone wishes me to do a tutorial with Sleek palette please leave a comment to let me know. Thank you.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Gretl's Buns

This look was originally twin french plaits, to match all the other children.  However after someone pointed out to me that Gretl, (as the smallest and cutest of the Vontraps) should probably stand out from the rest. This meant the look was adapted into the traditional Austrian twin buns. I think everyone will agree how cute they look. 

The hair was parted in a centre parting from the front hairline to the nape of the neck.

The hair was gathered from each side and secured with a bobble or elastic band. This created two pony tails either side of the head.

Not forgetting I had the pesky microphone to contend with. Before securing the second pony i had to create a second parting from the centre of the forehead to the adjacent side at the nape of the neck. I then back-brushed through the parting and secured the microphone wire to the back-brushing using grips.  This meant the microphone was going nowhere as I brushed the pony into place.

Once the microphone was secured and ready to go, the ponytail was gently back-brushed to create the volume needed for the bun.  This goes to show you don't always need a bun ring to create a perfect, volumised ballet bun.

The hair was twisted loosely round the bobble to created the completed bun.

The bun was then tweaked and perfected to the eye before securing with grips and hairspray for the final look.

How cute does she look??

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