Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Urban Coachella

The face of Charlotte Lucy Hair and Make-up was plunged into a different look recently! Still keeping that summer vibe. I pushed the the bohemian style to something with a but more edge.


Top- Topshop
Necklace- Primark
Heels- Newlook

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Walking Dead Review

'The Walking Dead' was first introduced as a hybrid of horror and drama that, over time has developed the characters to create an exploration of humanity in a world where nature is the judge and jury and people have nobody to look to but themselves to decide what is morally right and wrong. The writers have some how transformed this simple idea of undead flesh eating beings into episode after episode of tense, chilling, emotional and all round dramatic television series.

Culturally it’s knocked the vampire/werewolf fad off the map. From 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' to 'Twilight' to 'True Blood', vampires have ruled the supernatural media for a long time, always following the same tried and tested formulas. Walking Dead has opened the door for the intelligent zombie genre. One has to ask oneself, was it coincidence that ‘World War Z’ starring Brad Pitt premiered closely behind the success of The Walking Dead series?

The strength of the show is in the tension that is built through the constant test of personal character. Be it Rick, Darryl, Michonne or whoever, this group of people are put in situations each episode that are completely alien to the nature of the world that they have known before.  Every time these characters are tested they risk losing, (for better or worse) a part of themselves before “the world turned to shit.” Another feature of the show which is rarely seen, is the complete willingness of the script writers to kill off any lead character at any point. Characters that have been developing since the first episode have been and can be taken out at any given point. By doing this the writers are constantly building up never ending tension which, sometimes can be unbearable as we sit behind our cushion peeking through fingers to see if it’s over yet.

The broken down society of the world as we know it makes a person question what they have always been told is right and wrong.  I find it curious that this questioning of right and wrong in a television series such as this comes at a time when, the world itself questions how governments are running their respective countries. So many nations are on the brink of revolution over the right or wrong way to securely take care of business. Are these characters living in this fantasy world more relatable to the general public than they first appear?

To conclude an out of place blog, in my world of hair and beauty. Even if horror and zombies are not your thing, I urge you to watch this show. It’s intelligent, surreal and completely entertaining, true escapism full of action, romance, emotion and of course flesh eating zombies.