Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Casual Jewelry- Beach Edition

Although you don't want to jingle jangle down the beach like a gypsy on a horse, there are little things one can do to enhance your beach attire. My top tip of doing this however is, keep it simple!

A Homemade Necklace- Made by my bestie when we were 10 years old.
(or one you brought from the local market)
Will compliment the bikini body you've worked so hard for.

An Ankle Bracelet- Brought at a market in Thailand
So pretty when paired with a pair of simple flip flops.

A Rope/Bead Bracelet- Brought at markets on varies holidays
The classic surfer babe accessory.

Top tip- Use as much rope/beads jewelry as possible to keep your beach look casual.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Easy Use Hairstyling Accessories- Beach Addition

Summer is finally here! (Well sort of...) For the first time in England 2014 we've been able to put on our shorts and begin to talk about where we're spending our holidays. This got me to thinking about days and nights on the beach. For some of us, this means, how to keep looking our best on the beach. There can be many challenges put in our way when trying to look glamorous in a beach environment but today I thought I'd focus on my little tricks for styling hair. Specifically, making it look like you've made the effort when really you've not. My big secret is Accessorise! If your having a bad hair day, stick a flower in it and it never looks as bad. This tactic doesn't have to be expensive, with all the hair accessories featured in this blog costing less then £5.00. Here are a few of my favourites from this seasons high street shops.

The Halo Band £2.00 Primark

This is so pretty for when your going to a beach party. You've spent time on your hair but just want to finish the look.

The Flower Slide £1.99 (for two) H and M

These are perfect for lunch on the beach. Or anytime you want to look casual but not plain. Simply stick them in and your good to go.

The Flower Crown £4.00 Primark

Your heading down to the beach for a fun filled day to night party. Trust me put one of these in your bag. It's so easy just to keep the hair off your face whilst still looking ultra glam.

The Flower Top Knot Band £2.00 Primark

 I saved the best for last with these little babies. Some of us just don't have any luck when hair has to battle sun, sand and sea. Never fear girls. Turn your messy top knot into the envy of the beach! Just place the flower band around a loose topknot and ta dah! Your looking cool and cute as a button, ready to hit those waves

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Contour Queen

This hair and make-up look is stronger then some of the other styles I like to do but I thought I'd push myself out of my comfort zone and an urban and edgy look. I lengthened the sleek pony with extensions and match a simple eye make-up with a striking dark lip.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Moroccan Oil Review

I think you all know by now I am a very dry person. I have dry skin, dry lips and most of all dry hair. I wanted to talk to everyone about a product that I can’t bare to be without and has already been raved about by bbloggers the world over. However as a professional hairstylist I thought maybe I could tell you something about the wonderful Moroccan Oil that others could not.

Moroccan Oil is great, no doubt about it. It’s moisturising, adds shine, keeps hair soft and does all this whilst not weighing the hair down flat or make it too floppy to style.

Some say that it’s a matter of preference how you use Moroccan Oil and to some degree it is. However once you have finished washing your hair before any brush or heat goes near it put on a 20p size amount of Oil. Work it through the hair from point to root and the continue styling. The reason I do this is because the Oil acts as a protector on the hair and it’s so important to put it on to protect your hair from the heat you use to style your hair with e.g. Hairdryer, straighteners and curling tongues. Whether or not you use Moroccan Oil on your hair afterwards is a matter of preference.

Another reason why Moroccan Oil is so good is because it contains an ingredient called Argon Oil. Argon Oil is the buzz word at the moment in the drugstores and although there products do contain some amount of Argon Oil it’s more then likely a watered down version filled in with man made serums and perfumes. You can tell by the colour and smell. Moroccan Oil is very orange in colour and the smell is amazing, where as cheap brands tend to be clear and the fragrances are weak.

That is my low-down on Moroccan Oil I love this hair product so much and hope you all find this blog helpful.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Bear Grylls The Island-Life changing for all

As we all know the famous Bear Grylls has launched a new show on Channel 4 called The Island, where modern men are dropped off on a deserted island somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean and left to survive for a whole month. Three of the men are trained camera men however they will be living in the same conditions as the rest.

The premise for this reality show is quite unique and Lord of the Flies-esque. The show allows us to share the highs and lows of the men surviving on the island. I find as a viewer I'm constantly rooting for these guys to succeed as the audience is so invested in this concept, that if the modern person was put in a survive or die scenario we could all rise to the challenge, channeling our inner warrior and coming out triumphant.

Only two episodes in and already we have seen our guys struggle to find shelter, start a fire, produce clean drinking water and successfully fish. Whilst all this has made fantastic television, everyone is waiting on tender hooks for the first 'fall out' of the group, I wanted to address a moment that happened in episode II. The capture and killing of the Cayman crocodile.

When our boys first saw the crocodile they were on the brink of starvation, “wasting away” in front of each others eyes. I too shared in the joy and excitement of the capture of the Cayman. It was inspiring to think the average Joe could capture such a ferocious creature. However my emotions changed as I continued to watch the defenceless crocodiles arms be tied behind his back and I felt such empathy for that poor little creature, as did all the men on the island. As Ryan correctly said, “We're fighting for our lunch, he's fighting for his life.” As the Cayman was humanely killed to feed the tribe, the tears started to flood down not only my face but the faces of the men who were still starving and in desperate need of food.

This made me think about meat on the supermarket shelves and the big Halal meat debate that is consuming our food market at this present time. We are so used to have things handed to use the world has become completely desensitised to how it got from the field, to our plate. I know that I could never have killed that animal and I ask you, could you? Could the average person kill a cow?I know that many people will say “We are built to eat meat” and to this I reply, when are we ever so hungry we need to eat meat when we have so many other viable food sources available to us in the current mass produced economy.

My dad came at me with, “But remember Charlotte the Cayman crocodile would tare you to pieces.” Although this statement is correct, the crocodile is fighting for his life and is it not our empathy for this creature that makes us human in the first place? We have evolved passed survival and now we thrive with a humanity that separates us from the animal kingdom. Yet we carry on to consume without thought for the consequence of future generations and even species.

To conclude I have made a life changing decision, I have decided to no longer eat any meat product I could not kill and prepare myself. I'm not a vegetarian by any means, I'm only eating animals which I would feel comfortable to hunt, kill myself. I have no problem catching fish and gutting them ready to cook, neither do I have a problem with necking and plucking a chicken as I have done both of these things in the past. However I don't think I could bring myself to slaughter (yes lets not beat around the bush here, it is called a slaughter house after all.) a cow, lamb or pig. There for I'm not that desperate to eat them. So until the zombie apocalypse happens nothing from a cow, pig, lamb or duck will pass these lips.

Disclaimer: This is not meant to offend anyone and I am not trying to push my options on others. My family are still going to eat all types of meat and I'm fine with that. I'm just sharing my personal opinion. Thank you.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Pretty Pixie

This look is another part of the Earth Angels collection which was influenced by mythical creatures from folklore.  This look is based on a pixie/fairy.  I used neutral tones with a warm lip to create a versatile natural make-up look. The hair was swept up from the back and pinned to create a cascade of curls at the front, finished with an over sized fascinators. Although this image was inspired by folklore and myth the look itself is completely wearable for spring/summer.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

60's Throw Back

Hair and Make-up I did based the 60's looks of Edie Stedgwick and Twiggy.