Saturday, 24 May 2014

Easy Use Hairstyling Accessories- Beach Addition

Summer is finally here! (Well sort of...) For the first time in England 2014 we've been able to put on our shorts and begin to talk about where we're spending our holidays. This got me to thinking about days and nights on the beach. For some of us, this means, how to keep looking our best on the beach. There can be many challenges put in our way when trying to look glamorous in a beach environment but today I thought I'd focus on my little tricks for styling hair. Specifically, making it look like you've made the effort when really you've not. My big secret is Accessorise! If your having a bad hair day, stick a flower in it and it never looks as bad. This tactic doesn't have to be expensive, with all the hair accessories featured in this blog costing less then £5.00. Here are a few of my favourites from this seasons high street shops.

The Halo Band £2.00 Primark

This is so pretty for when your going to a beach party. You've spent time on your hair but just want to finish the look.

The Flower Slide £1.99 (for two) H and M

These are perfect for lunch on the beach. Or anytime you want to look casual but not plain. Simply stick them in and your good to go.

The Flower Crown £4.00 Primark

Your heading down to the beach for a fun filled day to night party. Trust me put one of these in your bag. It's so easy just to keep the hair off your face whilst still looking ultra glam.

The Flower Top Knot Band £2.00 Primark

 I saved the best for last with these little babies. Some of us just don't have any luck when hair has to battle sun, sand and sea. Never fear girls. Turn your messy top knot into the envy of the beach! Just place the flower band around a loose topknot and ta dah! Your looking cool and cute as a button, ready to hit those waves

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