Sunday, 18 May 2014

Moroccan Oil Review

I think you all know by now I am a very dry person. I have dry skin, dry lips and most of all dry hair. I wanted to talk to everyone about a product that I can’t bare to be without and has already been raved about by bbloggers the world over. However as a professional hairstylist I thought maybe I could tell you something about the wonderful Moroccan Oil that others could not.

Moroccan Oil is great, no doubt about it. It’s moisturising, adds shine, keeps hair soft and does all this whilst not weighing the hair down flat or make it too floppy to style.

Some say that it’s a matter of preference how you use Moroccan Oil and to some degree it is. However once you have finished washing your hair before any brush or heat goes near it put on a 20p size amount of Oil. Work it through the hair from point to root and the continue styling. The reason I do this is because the Oil acts as a protector on the hair and it’s so important to put it on to protect your hair from the heat you use to style your hair with e.g. Hairdryer, straighteners and curling tongues. Whether or not you use Moroccan Oil on your hair afterwards is a matter of preference.

Another reason why Moroccan Oil is so good is because it contains an ingredient called Argon Oil. Argon Oil is the buzz word at the moment in the drugstores and although there products do contain some amount of Argon Oil it’s more then likely a watered down version filled in with man made serums and perfumes. You can tell by the colour and smell. Moroccan Oil is very orange in colour and the smell is amazing, where as cheap brands tend to be clear and the fragrances are weak.

That is my low-down on Moroccan Oil I love this hair product so much and hope you all find this blog helpful.

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