Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Joico Colour Endure Violet Shampoo

I've wanted to do a review on this product for an age because basically I love it and wouldn't dream for using any other silver shampoo. The reason I haven't was because I was getting all upperty about pictures and examples, after a long time I decided to just blurt it out and tell you guys why I love this product. So here it goes.

The purple pigment of the Joico violet shampoo is far deeper any other other I have ever used, which means with constant use and if left on for an amount of time it can really reduce those brassy yellow tones. I have been recommending this shampoo to my clients (and using it myself when I go blonde) for three years and the only thing to be aware of is the new sulfate free formula. Sulfated free means that it's not going to strip the colour in your hair. For example if you have a toner over your blonde it's not going to wash it out, just add more purple tone. This in turn means it works differently to other shampoos. We have to understand that it won't lather in the same way. Basically if it doesn't lather it's working on the dirt in your hair and if it does, it means your hair is clean.

For best use wash hair in the shampoo twice leaving the second on for five minutes then condition as normal. If you are worried about your hair turning too ashy I would recommend only to use the shampoo every other wash.

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