Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Buzz Gallery: A short Review

My favourite pieces by Melanie Anderson (felt artwork)

I've been inspired!!! Desperate to get the paints out, this beautiful Gallery has given me the push I need to rekindle my love with the paint brush.

In the sleepy village of Castle Donington, on the edge of Derbyshire, The Buzz Gallery was opened! A hubbub of activity has now developed on the main street of the village.

The Apiary Cafe Bar

Above the beautiful music cafe and bar, The Apiary, the lovely Melanie Anderson is putting the heart back into art. As an already accomplished artist, she has gathered together a collection of unique and varied pieces that would make a beautiful point of interest to any room. From art and craft classes to bespoke jewellery, The Buzz Gallery is a welcomed addition to Castle Doningtons ever growing stylist market street.

The lovely Melanie follow her on Twitter to see more of her and her art!

Here is some of the wonderful varied art work displayed at The Buzz Gallery!

Jewellery by Judith Brown

Designer Guild Cushions by Deb Swift

Oil work by Niki Cotton

Art work by Joanne Reay

Needle felt by Helen Rhodes

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