Sunday, 3 August 2014

My first experience with Reiki: Alternative healing

Can I firstly say I had no idea what I was getting myself into...
I had had two therapy sessions and felt the techniques just weren't working. Not that they weren't working, I know they don't fix you over night but the exercises just seemed to overwhelming to even start to tackle. I was recommended Reiki as an alternative therapy. I had heard of this once before but never really gave it a second thought. However I also felt desperate, frustrated even. I felt like I was on the brink of a break through with no way of actually breaking through.

I stumbled across a Reiki taster and tea session and booked myself in.  As I walked through the door on a stifling hot day. The smell of incense filled the air. "Oh god" I thought "Am I in over my head?" I sat down and the practitioner Julie began to explain about the healing powers of Angelic Reiki (the form of Reiki I was receiving that day) and how the energy flows through her from the higher powers of angels and if I'm drawn to a crystal pick it up. "This is all a bit hippy" I thought "Try and keep an open mind" I said to myself.

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I kept my eye on one crystal as she began. I liked the shape and the white glow of it. However I was far to nervous to pick it up so I shut my eyes. She lit white spirit sage and cleansed the area. It reminded me of all those shows I used to watch as a teen (mainly Buffy the Vampire Slayer) "Is this for real or what??" Ran through my mind.

Reiki taster and tea

As she began the treatment, I firstly found my breathing became uncontrollable and panicked. She told me to just relax and focus on deep breathing. Then I experienced this truly intense headache, how I would imagine a migraine would feel, (have never experienced one.) She asked me if I felt heady as if she sensed this. She moved her hands to my knees and my feet and gave me the crystal I'd been looking at. I told her I like this one and she told me, "feel free to pick them up, I thought you wanted it." My headache eased of and she moved her hand over my heart. It was a really warm sensation flowing through your body and you almost feel like something is vibrating through you.

Selection of healing crystals

She continues to tell me I have a very strong heart Chakra, whatever that means. Tears began to stream down my face, "what is going on?" I thought. It was completely uncontrollable. She said it's OK it's a perfectly natural reaction. She  gave me a different crystal and put her hands back onto me knees and feet and the crying stopped. I began to feel more relaxed as she moved her hand around my body not always even making contact. I could still feel the her from her hands. The treatment had come to an end I was left feel relaxed yet slightly vulnerable.

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She sat down and encouraged me to drink whilst we chatted. She told me that I was very sensitive. Not in the way of being over emotional, apparently because my heart is wide open I pick up on other peoples moods. What we discussed after I shall have to keep to myself as I'm afraid to bore you any long. I will say though it was scarily accurate to the point I was worried she could tell what I was thinking the whole time. (She assured me she could not.)
To conclude, although my Reiki experience wasn't exactly relaxing first time round, the sensation was powerful enough for me to book a full slot. I really enjoyed the history, mean and experience and I'm looking forward to continuing with my healing journey.

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